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            Established in 1988, Fujian Hongfa Group Co., Ltd. is a company with several subsidiaries, and spread all over the country's modern industry and trade comprehensive enterprise. Companies covered by its own mining blocks of stone mining, import-export trade, a variety of stone plates, special-shaped material, stone arts and crafts production and processing, brand building stone design, production, decoration, real
            All rights reserved:Fujian Hongfa Group Co., Ltd.   Address:Liuchengmao shan Industrial Estate, Nanan, Fujian   Technical Support:Xiamen Yi Er Tong Network Technology Co., Ltd.
            Phone:0595-86355888/86368025 Fax:0595-86355288 
            E-mail:hongfastone@126.com     Website Record No.:閩ICP備09021783號
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